Ethical Consumption

6 DIY Christmas Gifts

Felt caterpillar

One way to make Christmas not only more sustainable but also less expensive than it would otherwise be, is to make your own gifts ( I may have talked about this before!!). Now, when I was a kid, that usually meant making something out of cardboard that my parents then had to sneak into the…

8 Essentials for Sustainable Camping

Homemade Mosquito Repellent Lotion | A bowl of Shea butter |

Most people, when they’re going camping, prefer to have as little impact on the environment as they can. And yet it’s also a time when many of us allow ourselves to use disposable products we might avoid otherwise. We are out of our comfort zone and it can all feel a little hard. Here are…

What’s Your Why?

In the world of business and entrepreneurial practice, this is a question we are asked to think about, because if you know your why, you are more likely to take the actions needed to get you to your where or what. But it applies in other parts of life too, including learning to live more…

Repairing & Restoring Your Way Towards a Sustainable Future

a child and his grandfather examine a bike wheel

If, like me, you are trying to live more sustainably, there is much to be positive about. In the world of fashion, slogans like ‘ethical fashion’ and ‘slow fashion’ are joining the mainstream,  while the trend for upcycling, recycling and restoring or  buying vintage clothes and jewellery is continuing. And despite the economic climate Fair…

How to Have a Green Christmas Season

Standing 3D Gingerbread Christmas tree, with icing snow.

For many people around the world, this is a time of giving, of family and of renewal.

Whether you celebrate Diwali in October or November, Saint Nicholas Day on December 6, Hanukkah, Winter or Summer Solstice, Christmas, or even just New Year, it’s likely there’ll be some kind of gathering of family or friends, possibly involving gift giving, almost certainly involving one or more large meals.

While these celebrations can provide an important time for renewing relationships, personal introspection and joyful participation, sometimes they can feel like a mass of over-consumption.

Choose Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry author of

The Australian Go Tap campaign offers some stark facts, some of which may surprise you. It’s probably not surprising, though, to learn that Australians spend over half a billion dollars per year on bottled water when you think of the volume of people you see in the gym, on the street and in cafes with…

Is ‘Slow’ Essential for a Sustainable Life?

Hand made sign saying "drive slow" in front of a tree.

‘I’ve realised wanting to do too much is almost as toxic as wanting too much stuff.’ (Tricia Hogbin @ Little Eco Footprints) I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of ‘slow’ lately, as embodied by the slow movement, and I’ve been wondering: is our fast paced lifestyle inherently unsustainable? I don’t mean unsustainable only…

The Riot for Austerity is Back!

Can you cut your carbon footprint by 90% in a year? That’s what The Riot for Austerity is all about.The Riot for Austerity was first started in 2007 by Peak Oil writer Sharon Astyk, with the goal of reducing her family’s resource use by 90% of the American average. This was the amount Peak Oil…

Have you heard of cell phone pollution?

Cell phone pieces

It seems these days that you can’t go anywhere outside your home without seeing someone walking down the street or driving their car without talking on their cell phone. Ever since cell phone technology improved to make cell phones much smaller than when they were first invented, you can literally see them every you look.…

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Green Living

Salad growing in a pot on the kitchen bench

So your friends are moving into a new house and you’d like to get them something useful to celebrate, but what? These are simple living people who simply won’t appreciate what they perceive as unnecessary clutter. Or more explicitly, as landfill. Here are some housewarming gift ideas that might help: Consider getting useful solar powered…

The Fairtrade Easter Egg Hunt

Lots of small Divine Fairtrade Easter Eggs in gold patterned foil

If you leave your Easter egg shopping to the last minute, you must expect to have to hunt around for the best eggs, particularly if you are after Fairtrade Easter Eggs. Oxfam stores are always a good bet, but then, that’s where everyone else is looking for their Fairtrade chocolate too, so this close to…