Powerful Climate Security Exhibition Opens Today

Climate change will have major implications for our defence forces and our regional neighbours. We need to get past partisan bickering and get on with securing our region |

It’s the European Union’s 3rd annual Climate Diplomacy Week and a powerful exhibition, highlighting the risk to national and international security from climate change, opens in my town today, at UNSW Canberra. The EU’s touring exhibition, “Environment, Conflict & Cooperation”, visualises the multiple repercussions that climate change has on global health and food security, particularly in Pacific. Governments…

Join Norwex in New Zealand – for FREE

Count Me In! Join Norwex gfor Free NZ |

UPDATE: I wrote this post over two years ago when Norwex was first launching in NZ, and since then WOW it has really taken off. New Zealanders love Norwex, and really, it’s no wonder 🙂  The Fresh Start Package you can get on joining hasn’t changed substantially from the image below, but there is now a…

8 Essentials for Sustainable Camping

Homemade Mosquito Repellent Lotion | A bowl of Shea butter |

Most people, when they’re going camping, prefer to have as little impact on the environment as they can. And yet it’s also a time when many of us allow ourselves to use disposable products we might avoid otherwise. We are out of our comfort zone and it can all feel a little hard. Here are…

So Many Inspiring Bloggers

Today I’m sending you elsewhere for your dose of simple, sustainable goodness. Have you ever looked at my Linky List page? There are now literally dozens of blogs linked up over the eight categories. I love that there are so many blogs in this general niche of sustainable living, and the culture of blogs linking…

Rob Hopkins on the Power of Just Doing Stuff

How local action can change the world

We are living in times of great change. Changes in climate, resources and economy are encouraging people around the world to take the view that the well-being of their local community and its economy lies with them. These are ordinary people, people just like you and me, and they’ve had enough.

Where Does All the Mercury Go?

Mercury emissions by light source (en)

There is no doubt that compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are more energy efficient than their predecessors, incandescent light bulbs. But the issue of their mercury content ending up in landfills is very real. The Australian Government’s FluoroCycle scheme is a voluntary system supporting industry in recycling fluorescent lights, thereby keeping mercury pollution from entering the…

How Guerrilla Gardeners are Changing Public Policy

Guerilla gardening crocuses in Glasgow, photo by Michael Gallacher

Guerrilla gardening has taken off around the globe – and it’s not as subversive as it sounds.  It  has many applications, though it particularly refers to the enforced cultivation of public or private land that would otherwise lie fallow, by concerned, green fingered citizens. There are many international schemes to further the aims of guerrilla…

Vote for Swap Shuffle Share!

Swap Shuffle Share

Swap Shuffle Share is “an online community who swap their backyard bounty at meet-ups, shuffle carrots for cabbages and rhubarb for radishes, and share home-grown tips and tricks about home-growing.” This is a grassroots organisation, up until now solely funded by founder Natasha Kuperman, and exactly the sort of important movement I think Paul Gilding…

Sustainability Education Portal Launched

The Antarctic Environment (for 2-4 players)

The Australian Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (what a mouthful!), has recently added an Education Portal to their website, with entry points for students and teachers, though the information reached doesn’t seem to be significantly different for the two groups. Categories include Sustainable Living, Biodiversity, Marine, Heritage, Land, Water, Parks, Indigenous Australians,…