Where on Earth Have I Been?

For quite a few months – okay, over a year – I haven’t updated this blog, which is because I lost the password, and the password reset wouldn’t work (it kept telling me to fill in a captcha which wasn’t there!). Finally I figured out how to get a new password using an emergency password reset script, and so I am back in. But, now I have to decided whether to revive this blog or not. In the meantime I’ve continued blogging at narrating kayoz (which is mostly my mummy-blog, but has always included some sustainable living posts), as well as the occasional somewhat personal post on the main Sustainable Suburbia site, here. And of course, all my posts on the main site are on my ‘author page’ here.

So for the moment, I think this site will remain here, but dormant. If you’re new here, feel free to explore the archives, or join us on the main the SustainableSuburbia.net page.

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