The Solar Panels Go On!

First the brackets:

installing the first brackets

Don’t be fooled by the blue(ish) sky. It was windy and with occasional sprinkles of rain, and made it to 8.7 degrees C that day. When they started at 7am it was 4.8 degrees.

brackets all the way along the roof, but no panels on yet

A few of the panels waiting to go on:

Solar Panels

The first row goes up – before the wind picked up and they had to take a break:

the first row of panels going on

Rugged up to watch:

two kids rugged up in jackets and beanies and standing on chairs to be able to see

All the panels are on! Now we just need to get ACTPLA to approve it so we can turn them on…

42 solar panels on the roof

We ended up getting a pretty big system, 42 panels in all. I’ll talk about how we decided on it in a different post. For now, I am pretty pleased each time I come home and see those panels on the roof. But I’ll be even more pleased when they are actually doing something! Edited to add: Here’s why we decided on such a big system.

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2 comments to The Solar Panels Go On!

  • Nice panel array indeed! I am impressed.

    Can I ask who you used and whether the government incentive helped? I am thinking of something similar..

  • kirsten

    Sorry for the delay in replying Mick. We used Armada, and the government incentives helped a little. Well, the fed gov incentives helped a little, the feed-in tariff programme helped a lot! Unfortunately it has closed now, and the fed government incentives have also come down, although to be honest, because they are only for about the first 1.5kw of your system, for a system this size that wouldn’t make much difference.

    I’d be keeping a close eye on the feed-in tariff programme and as soon as it comes back (assuming it does) sign up. We’re not actually connected yet (still waiting for the inspection – supposed to be in the next couple of weeks), but because we signed on the dotted line (and paid a hefty deposit) back in February, we are in with the really good feed-in tariff rate.

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