Confessions of a serial blogger

I’ve done it again. I’ve started a website, thinking to write under a pseudonym, but then turned it into a personal blog, and guess what? Anonymity just doesn’t work for me.

Here’s my confession. I started this site with the intention of making it a business. A writing for profit site.  I’ve been blogging for more than ten years but not advertising on my blog (and no, I don’t have enough readers to make it worth while, nor have I tried to get them), and I didn’t want to corrupt that by targeting keywords (like “solar power for homes” for instance). So I decided to start a new site and try my hand at doing just that. But I didn’t much want to write about “18th birthday gift ideas” or “work from home India”, I wanted to write about something I am interested in.

So, I started Sustainable Suburbia. The problem was, in typical style, I quickly turned it into a personal blog! I’ve been wanting to blog about our journey, slow though it may be, towards sustainable living for a while. I’ve talked about it a little on my regular blog, but by starting a whole new blog on this subject I’ve figured I could help focus my attention more on it. And yes, that is working. But. When I blog, I naturally read other blogs and comment, and – who should I be commenting from, the regular-blog-me, or the Sustainable-Suburbia-blog me?

The thing is, I started writing here under a pseudonym (Kaye), because – well, to be honest, I guess it was for two reasons.

1. Maybe I’m not that comfortable blogging for money – why? Well, that’s a conversation for another time, but I guess part of it is the idea that I want to reduce consumerism, yet I’m putting ads on my websites and hoping people will click and, presumably, spend money.

2. Writing to target keywords is not necessarily going to be the most fabulous writing. And in my research of this career path I keep reading that the important thing is to write lots of okay content that accurately targets the keyword phrase you are using (ie if someone searches for it in Google and finds you, they are going to think that’s a reasonable result), not to focus on good quality writing. It’s not like writing for an editor of a magazine who cares whether your writing is good. Google doesn’t care if your writing is good, just that’s it’s not spammy, and does do what it says it will (ie if you call your article Solar Power for Homes, then your article gives people some useful information about solar power for homes). So it’s foolish to waste too much time on perfection, the secret is in quantity (not just on your own site, but writing for other sites like Ezine Articles.)

So, my conclusions?

First, I’ve switched to writing under my real name, which is Kirsten. Hi there 🙂

Second, and I already figured this out earlier but I haven’t implemented it fully yet, I’m going to keep the ‘money’ posts separate to the personal blog posts. So I can focus on promoting the money posts (outside of the blogosphere), but on writing the personal blog.

I have these dreams of one day having the money posts be really good, almost magazine like. In fact, that they wouldn’t necessarily all be money posts as such (keyword targeted), but that there’d be an article side to this website and a personal blog side. And the article side could even pay people to write good articles (me included). But that is a dream for the future, and for right now I need to concentrate on promoting the money posts, writing the blog posts, and getting the vegetable garden sorted!

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