New solar LED garden lights and Solar Powered November

Since I’m doing NoBloPoMo this month, which means posting every day, I’ve decided a theme is in order. Now you might think I’ve already set a food theme with my new vegetarian dishes posts, but no. Since I bought some solar LED garden lights earlier this week (lantern style, but more on that later), and besides have been thinking about other ways to use domestic solar power, I’m declaring it a Solar Powered November. I’m going to research all manner of solar powered home appliances, and related issues like how to save electricity in general.

Now, as to the lights I have bought…

I chose some Gardmans Lattice Lanterns, mostly because I wanted some lanterns style lights and those were the only ones in Bunnings (I’d link, but they’re not on the Bunnings website). They came in a pack of four (and were AU$29.95), which I plan to use three of in our front courtyard, where we like to have BBQs of a summer evening, and one out the front of the courtyard, where our front door light keeps blowing. We just put a new compact fluorescent in there a couple of weeks ago, and it’s blown already!

These lanterns only have one LED each, which seemed to be pretty standard, so I’m not sure how much light they will really give, but the front door light doesn’t give much anyway as it is behind a bottlebrush tree. I will place this one a bit closer to the driveway and hopefully it might have some effect.

Like many solar garden lights, these turn on automatically when it is dark. They also have an ‘off’ setting, but they don’t seem to have a straight ‘on’ setting, and the instructions are to use them without any other light, as that could cause them to flicker. Likewise they are to be placed at least a metre and a half apart, so the light of one doesn’t turn the next one off. So that gives a good indication of how far their light goes I guess.

I haven’t seen them in action yet, and I’m not sure if four will be sufficiently useful, but I’ll write review when I have used them a bit.

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