My happy list

In spite of and in fact because of crazy rains and flooding, Kate from Foxs Lane has been inspiring people to write happy lists. Here’s mine:

  • Full body baby excitement
  • Caffeine free chai tea
  • Today’s beautiful sunny weather
  • Eight year old intense focus
  • Four year old best friends
  • School holidays and lazy mornings
  • My birthday 🙂
  • My wonderful husband
  • Living close to my lovely mother
  • Chocolate mud cake with cream
  • My perfect (last) baby
  • My perfect baby sleeping 🙂
  • The wonderful and disparate communities of the blogosphere that inspire and encourage me in so many different areas, from happy lists, to writing (more), to parenting (better), to living more sustainably
  • My brother having a baby on the way!
  • My brother maybe moving back to Australia soon
  • A meal made up entirely of leftovers, so no cooking tonight!
  • A (relatively) tidy house
  • A breeze coming in the front door
  • Looking out the window and discovering that the comfrey has grown to over a metre tall while I wasn’t paying attention (time to make some comfrey tea which I was reading about earlier today at Slow Living Essentials
  • Also while looking out the window discovering that the towels I thought were on the line have been brought in (and presumably put away), because something else is there
  • Biodynamic, gluten free, preservative free sausages for the BBQ tomorrow night
  • Christmas season festivities
  • Mr 8’s wonderful school
  • Chooky goodness and home grown eggs
  • Good friends to hang out with, and good friends to do child care swaps with 🙂
  • The Mr getting home from work in less than half an hour

I could go on and on but while it’s making me feel happy and grateful to write, Ms Babe-number-three is starting to get impatient with my preoccupation, besides she run out of left over roast carrot!

Thanks Kate, that was great idea.

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