Yoghurt, Custard… it’s all dairy here!

Two nights ago I made my second batch of made from scratch yoghurt. The first batch worked perfectly, but getting my son (Kid Number One) to eat natural yoghurt is, well, nigh impossible. When I sweetened it with honey and pureed fruit he still didn’t like it.

So, next I made a batch sweetened with xylitol (a sugar alcohol with a low GI and which inhibits tooth decay – I use it haphazardly and could as well have used sugar) and with vanilla essence added. I forgot to add the milk powder, so it wasn’t as thick as the previous batch  but it was pronounced delicious by the childers. Second helpings were had. No higher praise and all that. I stupidly didn’t measure the additions, so will have to try to reproduce and then write them down. I can say the milk tasted awfully sweet to me before I added the starter, but once it was yoghurt it was perfect   not as sweet as store bought, but sweet enough to satisfy the family!

The family are all out right now (except me and Babe Number Three), so tonight I am making Tunisian Vegetable Couscous and Inner Pickle’s friend Estelle’s mother’s custard. Except I’m using skim milk powder instead of full cream because that’s all I had (and we’re out of milk altogether, honestly the amount of milk this family goes through in a day is ridiculous!), so I’ve added an extra half a cup of it. Will report back on the results.

The family is about to arrive home, so better get on with it…

Edited to add photos and reports:

Bowl of custardClearly I am not a food photographer, but here is a bowl of the custard. I have to say, I wasn’t sold on it. I liked it, I ate my bowl full, but the powdered milk flavour was strong. Kid Number One declared it as good as anything I usually make, but then changed his mind after two spoonfuls and didn’t finish it. Kid Number Two said she didn’t like it. To put that in perspective #1 only eats straight custard power custard. He doesn’t like egg custard at all. Kid #2 does though.

And the couscous – well, I loved it. The husband liked it but didn’t have seconds. Not a high recommendation then, but he did point out that he was very tired. Kid#1 tried it but said he didn’t really like the taste. Kid#2 said she didn’t like it without dishing any into her bowl, much less trying it. Sigh. They both ate the very basic salad (two colours of capsicum plus cucumber) and drank milk.

Also, the recipe made enough to feed an army (or at least eight – and that’s eight people who eat too, my kids not included), so there’s masses left over. Not sure how couscous goes on reheat, but I think it will be okay to eat cold tomorrow. Wouldn’t be surprised if kid#2 decides to try it that way if I have it for lunch. Anyway, I can always hope.

Bowl of Tunisian vegetable couscous

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