Introducing new chooks

Little Brown on Kid #1's LapThree weeks ago we introduced two new chickens to our chook run, which is to say we introduced them to our one remaining Hen, Henny Penny. At six weeks old, Little Brown and Ocean, as they were quickly named by Kids # 1 & 2, were the youngest chickens we have yet acquired.

I wasn’t sure just how Henny Penny would go with them, so initially we shut them in the house (which has a bird-wire door at the front) and just let them out for short supervised periods, or the kid sat in their with them. Henny Penny hasn’t been roosting in there all winter, she’s been in the lemon tree, so it didn’t bother her, though we did have to bring out the nesting box, aka grass catcher, for her to lay in.

Henny Penny the White Sussex, beneath the lemon tree

After a few days we started leaving them out with her unsupervised and though she hasn’t exactly made friends with them, she didn’t attack them either, which I know can happen with introducing chicks to a flock (though I don’t suppose you can call one chook a flock!). I’m not sure how old the chicks need to be before you can stop worrying about that, but anyway, it all seems good now. She let’s them know who’s boss (and she’s huge, so I’m guessing she’ll stay boss even once they have grown up), but aside from that they get along fine.

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