Inspiration from Elsewhere

Inspired by Tricia at Little Eco Footprints, I’ve decided to start a page linking to other people’s posts that I’ve found particularly inspirational or just useful.

I hope this will be a resource for others of course, but it’s also a great way for me to keep track for myself, so I can easily find them again. I often seem to read good useful information *somewhere* but when I go back to check details it’s not where I remember leaving it. Bit like my house actually…

I’m going to copy Tricia and keep updating this page whenever I come across a particularly valuable post this month (though with the help of the “link within” widget which I love, they may often be posts written ages ago), then start a new list next month and so on.

July 2011 – I just found this today again via Tricia although in a round about way stopping at a couple of other blogs along the way I think! – it’s actually the photos of the super organised pantry cupboard that I really love about this post, but it’s a good reminder that we need to have a no spend week soon! – Going green is not about buying green – the pressure for an on children to buy the ‘right’ stuff¬† (by Eilleen from Consumption Rebellion)

September 2011 – a fanastic post about not giving up in despair because you can’t do it all – the Quiet Riot, as inspired by Sharon Astyk’s Riot for Austerity. –¬† I’ve just discovered Apron Stringz (via Dixiebelle, thanks Bec!) and I think I am going to be reading a lot of the archives. If you haven’t visited, go now. Seriously, this is some awesome and inspiring reading. – This is from back in February but I’ve only just discovered it. A fabulous 4 week series on how to preparedness.


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