Decluttering – the work continues

It’s time I provided an update on my decluttering progress. I’ve realised I should be taking some before and after photos, but then, I’m not sure I could bring myself to publish the really good before photos – it would be too embarrassing. 

Anyway, the decluttering is continuing only very slowly at the moment. I have a charity box at the front door which I was trying to fill every week, but that’s lost some momentum since I’ve been carrying around several small boxes to drop off for weeks and not getting around to it, mostly because for boxes I have to actually go into the store, which means parking and getting the baby out of the car, and there’s never a park out front… I know I know, lame excuse. Okay then, I will do it next Tuesday. 

In the meantime, I’ve realized (and I may have said this before)  that I need a Plan. As in, let’s declutter this particular space first, not just vaguely toss things into the Vinnie’s box as I happen across them. So I have a plan, which is to begin- or continue I guess – with the study, aka our bedroom (since Ms Elli, our one year old has taken over our room).  

If we can clean up the study, and get rid of the big desk that mostly just provides space for clutter to collect, then we can put a door through from the study to the walk-in-robe and have access to our clothes and ensuite again. Because the fact is that until/unless we extend, our room is likely to become the girls’ room, while what is currently the big kids’ room become’s just Liam’s room. 

So we might as well face that reality now and stop living in clutter with our clothes piled up on the desk chair and the bed pushed against the wall because the desk takes so much space. 

So, that’s where the decluttering is at. Some progress, but not a lot. But a definite plan of what to do next. 

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