“Declutter” is the word

My word for 2011 is declutter. I thought about simplify, sustainability, and even Reduce – far more elegant than declutter, don’t you think? But I settled on declutter because that’s what we really need to do.

Decluttering has been on my agenda for a couple of years, but has only been a passing fancy from time to time. A bunch of clothes given to Vinnies now and again, but no real impact made on the house.

And to me this is a sustainable lifestyle issue, because it is also about living simply, about reducing – reducing the amount of stuff we bring into the house, and reducing the amount of stuff we hold onto that maybe someone else could be using.

It’s also about simplifying the process of keeping a tidy house (something we are absolutely hopeless at), and it’s also about providing a clean, ordered environment for my kids, where they can play and create and work without feeling overwhelmed by the clutter, the choices, the mess. In Steiner terms it’s important to provide a beautiful environment for young children, and that’s hard to do when there is clutter everywhere.

I’ve been a packrat my whole life, and also chronically lazy when it comes to house work. I don’t like doing it, and more, I don’t like wasting time on it. Time is precious and I simply don’t have enough of it to be wasting it on maintaining all this clutter. And I am starting to feel that the clutter is making it hard to think clearly and creatively. And if it’s hard for me, what’s it teaching my children?

On top of all that, I’d like to pass on better habits to my children than I have developed myself. Now, I’m not kidding myself – forcing a massive decluttering could just turn them into packrats. My mother always kept a tidy house (though not excessively so), and as a child I sort of thought that being tidy was something you simply grew into when you grew up. Evidentally not. But anyway, at the moment I am quite sure I am teaching them bad habits, so I might as well at least try to model good ones, and if they catch on, so much the better. If not, well, nothing lost.

2011 is the year of decluttering. Wish me luck.

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2 comments to “Declutter” is the word

  • Good luck 🙂

    I’ve been seriously trying to decltter for months – and i’m finally starting to feel like i’m getting somewhere. I love the freedom and relief that comes with having less.

    Enjoy 🙂

  • kirsten

    Thanks Tricia. I’m thinkin’ it may take me years, but every bag that goes out of the house is step in the right direction. I’m making Fridays my Vinnie’s drop off day, and trying to make sure I’ve got a few bags to go each time. Mind you, it’s the papers and junk that just needs to go in the recycling that’s even worse than the stuff going to Vinnies…

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