Being Frugal with Fermented Vegetable Scraps!

I haven’t got very far with culturing vegetables yet (though right now I have cabbage and carrots fermenting, my first batch of water kefir on its second ferment and second batch on its first, and yoghurt – which I’m making every other day right now – just finished and setting in the fridge), but this seems like a great frugal tip:

A jar of shredded cabbage with scattered grated carrot, fermenting in brineOne more tip that some people don’t think of is to save those vegetable peelings and scraps. Carrots, zucchini, parsnips, celery, broccoli and cauliflower stalks and more can be washed well and cultured.

To do so simply set aside your vegetable scraps for a few days in the refrigerator until you have enough. Then wash them really well since they are the roughest parts of the vegetables. Then chop into small chunks and throw into a jar. Make a brine with a water to salt ratio of 1 quart to 3 tablespoons. Pour the brine over and allow to culture. Makes a great multi-colored condiment for your plate.

Like in many aspects of kitchen work, culturing can be done frugally and sustainably with only a small amount of extra effort. Waste not, want not.

From Cultures for Health: Getting Frugal with Cultured Foods.

(PS I haven’t actually decided to revive this blog as such, but this seemed too long to put on the Sustainable Suburbia Facebook Page – which was my original plan – but not quite right for Sustainable Suburbia itself. So here it is. Maybe there’ll be more, maybe there won’t 🙂 )

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