The Self-Seeded Vegie Garden

Tonight we had a salad for dinner with store bought tomatoes and cucumbers. But from the garden: cos lettuce, baby silverbeet, rocket and parsley. Oh, and eggs.

What makes me so happy about this is that that poor vegie garden has been dreadfully neglected since Babe Number Three was born eight months ago. I haven’t even got tomatoes in and it’s almost November (it’s Spring here where I am, which is Australia, in case that wasn’t clear). But all those salad vegies self-seeded from last year’s crops.

Kid Number One and I got out and planted beetroot, bok choy and broccoli earlier in the Spring, but they haven’t been wildly successful. Most of the broccoli got eaten by something (snails, I think) and the bok choy shot to seed before it had done anything much else. Most of the beetroot is going okay though.

The rhubarb’s going to seed now too, I must get out and harvest some. What happens when it goes to seed, does it spring up everywhere like parsley? I’ve only grown it from crowns before.


Off topic: since this is a new blog, I have signed up for NaBloPoMo for November to motivate me to really get going. I haven’t done much writing since Babe Number Three was born…

National Blog Posting Month

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