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Soap Making & Living Simply after Cancer Strikes

This week I am so pleased to bring you a guest post from artisan soapmaker of more than ten years experience, Ros Wathen of Larkrise Soaps, about her inspiring journey to more natural living. My family had always lived a fairly healthy life, cooking from scratch, growing our own vegies, keeping chooks, making bread, preserving…

DIY Non-Toxic Drain Cleaners

DIY Natural Drain Cleaning with vinegar, lemons and bicarb soda

Almost everyone has experienced problems with clogged drains at one time or another. Most people really don’t think about potential issues with their drains until a problem actually occurs. When it does, the reaction of many people is to run out and buy commercial drain cleaners in the hopes of quickly putting an end to the problem. However, there are many things that you should be aware of regarding the use of commercial drain cleaners.

Got a Toothache? Visit Your Kitchen Pantry

Got a Toothache? Visit your kitchen pantry. Sea salt by happy Krissy |

Most of us will have some traditional remedy lying around the kitchen to relieve a toothache in a pinch. But, if you’re anything like me, there were some remedies your grandmother swore by that left you a little doubtful. So you splash out on highly branded products which manufacturers promise will relieve your ailments, rather…

Repairing & Restoring Your Way Towards a Sustainable Future

a child and his grandfather examine a bike wheel

If, like me, you are trying to live more sustainably, there is much to be positive about. In the world of fashion, slogans like ‘ethical fashion’ and ‘slow fashion’ are joining the mainstream,  while the trend for upcycling, recycling and restoring or  buying vintage clothes and jewellery is continuing. And despite the economic climate Fair…

Rob Hopkins on the Power of Just Doing Stuff

How local action can change the world

We are living in times of great change. Changes in climate, resources and economy are encouraging people around the world to take the view that the well-being of their local community and its economy lies with them. These are ordinary people, people just like you and me, and they’ve had enough.

Beware of the Trees

Forest of fairies: light coming from the sky creates an ethereal feel to the forest

This is a guest post from Emily Duncan of Being a townie, I don’t naturally feel at ease in the forest or the bush. If I really want to enjoy myself I have to not think too hard about what may be hidden amongst the trees. As we are heading into summer in the…

5 Vegetarian Dishes That Are High in Protein

a plate of cubed feta

This is a guest post from Sue Chalmers. As a vegetarian, it is always important to maintain a balanced diet. People can sometimes be deterred from vegetarianism through ignorance: many meat eaters think they will not be able to get their fill of protein through a vegetarian diet. Wrong. Here’s how to do it. There…

Choose Alternatives to Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too by Beth Terry author of

The Australian Go Tap campaign offers some stark facts, some of which may surprise you. It’s probably not surprising, though, to learn that Australians spend over half a billion dollars per year on bottled water when you think of the volume of people you see in the gym, on the street and in cafes with…

What is the Future of Solar Power?

Solar panels at a solar power plant in Germany

Movies are definitely not the only things that look great in 3D, there is something else that has taken quite positively and effectively to being 3 dimensional. Solar Panels were designed in 3D in 2011 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and they are making waves again with new developments that might provide much needed…

How Thomas Edison was a Century Ahead of His Time

AC/DC live in concert

Nope, this article is not about the rock band. But, if you’ve heard of the band AC/DC, you know about the different types of electricity. There is AC, or alternating current, and DC, direct current. The difference in technology is largely technical. It’s the application of the technology that plays a part in our lives.…

Horizontal Wells Used Polution Remediation in S. Korea Redevelopment


Horizontal wells have been installed to remediate ground water pollution problems, in a landmark redevelopment construction project in Seoul, South Korea begun earlier this year. The 140 acre site is being developed as an international  business park, high density housing center, retail center, educational facility and open space in Seoul’s downtown near the Han River.…

Converting a Used Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity

Going green does not always mean you need to replace your floors with bamboo or buy new energy efficient appliances. It can also mean reusing or repurposing existing items. Reuse old furniture, save money, and turn a bathroom remodel into a fun and creative home improvement project by converting an old dresser into a bathroom…

Are Modular Buildings Sustainable?

Modular Buildings are often billed as a green alternative to traditional construction methods, but what factors should be considered when choosing a sustainable construction method? Modular buildings are becoming a popular alternative to traditional construction methods. The off-site building process has many benefits including lower costs, quicker build times and lower levels of disruption. They…