All Purpose Kitchen Cloth (aka The Grease Cloth) Instructions

Charcoal, waffle-weave microfibre. The ultimate non-abrasive, grease absorbing cloth that will not transfer kitchen greases onto other surfaces. Made for cleaning up heavy surface grease with just water.

WHERE TO USE: Use on any greasy surface including ovens, rangehoods, splashbacks and BBQ covers and surfaces to remove heavy grease and grime and general wiping. Also great for getting crayons and sticky residues off walls.

HOW TO USE: Wet the cloth and wring out excess water. Fold the cloth in half and then in half again, this will give eight cleaning sides. Work from cleaner surfaces to surfaces more dense with grease and grime. Unfold cloth and use a clean side. Rinse cloth in warm water when necessary. Not for use as dishcloth as does not contain BacLock ie does not have the silver agent in the fibres.

MAINTENANCE: After use, give quick hand wash in sink of warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and hang to dry. Alternatively, place plug in sink and pour boiling water over cloth and let sit for 10 minutes.

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